Lux Delux will rawk you hardcore!
Online Tournaments and The Lux Awards

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2008 Lux Award Categories

Voting starts October 1st. Details coming then.

People Awards

  • Funniest Host
  • Teamer of the Year (see all eligible teamers)
  • Clown of the Year (see all eligible clowns)
  • Funniest Forum post
  • Quote of the year award
  • Worst dice award
  • Luckiest player award
  • Peace corps award
  • Raw whore award
  • Turtle award
  • Half kill award (the half killer)
  • Half kill award (the half killed)
  • Suicide award
  • Loudest shout award (aka sticky caps lock key award)
  • Most swearing award
  • Most creative swearing award
  • Seriously lame excuse award
  • Most bails in round 1 for bad start award
  • Most often too drunk to be a player award
  • Player that most lurks the forums award
  • Sad player that has no life outside of Lux award

Map Awards (see all eligible maps)

  • Best Map of the human body
  • Hardest map to navigate
  • Map that causes the most half kills
  • Most pointless map description
  • Geographic - most inaccurate
  • Historical - most inaccurate

Awards | Games | Hosts | Maps | MOTW | Recent | Seeds (LT) | Stats | Weekly | Wins | More...

Sillysoft Games is pleased to offer our flagship product Lux Delux. It's an advanced Risk game to fulfill all your world domination needs, including online play and full map support. We also offer the variations of American History Lux and our newest game Ancient Empires Lux. Have some fun and Lux through your history lessons. Check out the free game download page for all the files.

We have a further selection of fun Strategy Games, which you can run on Mac OS X, Windows XP/98/ME/2000/NT and Linux. A similar style of strategy game that is executed in real-time is Pax Galaxia. If you like logic puzzles we recommend DROD: Journey to Rooted Hold. Macintosh users may be intested to see our favorite Mac OS X games. For fun here's a Vancouver blogger list. For the full Sillysoft empire check out the sitemap.

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